Dead Flamingoes 

Dead Flamingoes

Welcome to the website of the Dead Flamingoes who are James Walbourne and Kami Thompson. They are a girl and a guy in their twenties who get together to sing songs with and even at each other. There are songs of love, some of rage, some even of loss and, well, it seems there's not much getting away from good old redemption.

Dead Flamingoes James Walbourne and Kami ThompsonInfused in their music is a little country, a small amount of rock and roll and a good measure of folk. However, mostly, in there you'll also find the most precious, arguably the heaviest of all the musical elements, soul.

What's more, the affect - on, say, Bonnie Portmore - just so happens to be the strangest thing: a blend of music simultaneously as fresh as cold milk and as old as bones!

Amazing Songs

In the wrong hands, one could argue a song like Jealous Sailor may come across as recherché. Yet it is attacked with so much confidence and ferocity - with manic fingers flying from frayed frets as the floor drum thrums - that the accusation tends to be rendered petty. Idiotic.

I can tell you now that you will not hear the ragged glory of a song like I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight rendered as well anytime this year. Hell, any year for that matter!

On Hold Your Fire Thompson resembles romance from what can only be described as the unlikeliest of vantage points, that of the POV of a tragic lover left stranded and totally bereft by suicide, while in the process managing to conjure herself a dark, hauntingly spiked lyric that is worthy of a master like Cave or Cohen: 'Before you fed your neck through the noose - did you fashion one for me?'

Incredible! And then, just when it has become as dark as can be, we hear the pair's voices come dramatically coiling up together not unlike spiralling, joyous DNA on the spirited Got Me in the Habit. Surprisingly, when Walbourne's guitar break staggers off at the 1.47 mark - a drunken sailor who seems to know exactly what he's doing - you can't help but feel it's wholly impossible to avoid lurching with it.

Then there is 'The price of love is dangerous.' I had to gulp, God yes. There will definitely be heartbreak. And we certainly need it. Need it to keep us alive, to maintain our humanity as far as is humanly possible.

Finally, whether you believe that you need it or not, you are so going to get it! Here's the antidote that is - fresh as milk and old as bones. Mmm. Yep, like all the really truly good stuff there ever was.

Promoting and Playing

There are many ways the music is being promoted and pretty much just put out there for anyone who is interested to be able to get their hands on some great sounds. There are some great websites that do this, like, or high profile band and musician sites such as that of Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel for example. So if you're keen to learn more about how the fans get to hear about the songs they want to hear about, check it out and see what you can see.